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Winning the scientific publications game can be a difficult task, in particular to inexperienced authors. This is the only course that really focuses on how to write a paper rather than what the author should put in an article in order to get published. It shows busy healthcare workers and researchers how to accommodate writing alongside a busy job. This is the famous, original course about scientific writing that has been developed by Tim Albert. We offer open courses and in house courses. On 28 November 2018, Frank received an award for organizing the `best postgraduate course for senior fellows in hospital pharmacy 2017/2018´. The jury wrote:  “A course that received an exceptionally high rating: 5 (1-5) in terms of meeting the attendees’ expectations, and 4.9 (1-5) for meeting learning goals. In particular the high degree of interactivity and the practical usefulness of the course received outstanding grades.”

In house courses

In house course are generally organised for research schools, research leaders or groups of individual researchers or junior doctors. In brief, the organiser arranges a venue,  beamer / computer, a flip over with markers and food and drinks for the day. For individual organisers, we offer a unique guarantee: you will be eligible for a reduced fee if the average evaluation scores of overall content drops below  7. For groups of medical doctors  and/or researchers we have administrative arrangements such as sending out individual invoices to each participant. Courses typically start at 9:30 and finish at 16:30. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

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Professor course

This course is exclusively offered to research leaders. Most professors never took classes in scientific publishing, but learnt it the hard way. This is exactly why many junior researchers take this course.  Let’s improve your staff’s writing problems! During the professor course you learn Tim Albert’s 10-step approach, plus managerial tips and tricks to get junior staff published.

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All courses include a course book

Open one-day courses including food & drinks: 449 euro incl. V.A.T. Please enroll here or contact us for additional information. The course has been accredited with 6 hours for Dutch medical doctors.

In house course / professor course: Please contact us for a quote

Workshops: Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

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This course was developed in the early nineties by Tim Albert, a British journalist. He ran more than 1000 courses. Clients included the universities of Surrey, Sheffield and the Postgrade institute in Zeist, The Netherlands. Frank de Vries took one of Tim´s last courses in Zeist, and realised that this course could have reduced the length of his own PhD by at least 15 months. He became a licensed trainer in order to train his own PhD students, but occasionally he runs open and in house courses for others.

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