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Streetwise, practical and helpful

This one-day, award-winning course concentrates on the skill, and in particular on the process of scientific writing. It has helped thousands of time-pressed doctors, scientists and academics to get papers published in the journals of their choice. It is highly practical. Participants come with data (or an idea) for a paper, and we then guide them through the planning, writing and submitting processes in easy stages. At the end of the course they have a clear concept of their paper, plus a draft introduction and a plan for finishing the task.

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By the end of the session participants will…

  • understand the publications game – and how to be a winner;
  • make logical and informed decisions on where to send articles;
  • reduce rewriting in the final stages by early planning;
  • cut ‘information overload’ by using simple brainstorming techniques;
  • make the most of scarce time by writing for 10 minutes a day;
  • use ‘evidence based’ writing to solve disputes with others;
  • apply simple marketing techniques to increase the chances of a submitted article being looked at favourably.

Who should – and should not – attend

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to look at how they write journal articles, and who is ready to start writing one. This course is not suitable for those who have yet to decide on what to write about, who want a course in critical appraisal or ‘scientific English’, or who are on the whole satisfied with the way they write.

Get published!

More info

Please have a look at our open courses, in house courses, frequently asked questions, or contact us to discuss your individual training needs. The course is ABAN accredited with 6 points for Dutch medical doctors.